• What is the minimum order?

    15 pails or 20 cartons. If the quantity is less it can be picked up.
  • What is the delivery fee?

    The delivery is free within Wanica, Paramaribo and part of Saramacca.
  • What is the delivery time?

    We mostly deliver the same day if ordering before 1 pm.
  • I don’t know what oil to use?

    Let us know what it will be used specific for and we can assist you find the correct oil.
  • Why is an engine oil’s ability to cleanse important?

    Keeping engine components clean is essential as it keeps them in good condition. If your engine components are dirty, oil may not be lubricating and protecting the engine properly. Dirt build-up can also lead to premature engine damage. Shell Helix engine oils are designed to clean and protect engines for improved performance.

  • Why is the choice of engine oil so important?

    Oil is the lifeblood of your car. If the wrong kind is used, the engine is at risk of increased wear and corrosion. Formation of blockages can also lead to engine seizure. By putting Surbuys oil in the engine, you can carry on motoring with confidence and experience the feeling that your car has just been serviced – all for less than the cost of a tank of fuel.

  • How does oil protect my engine?

    In many ways:

    By cleaning the engine – Surbuys oils are designed to clear away dirt, debris and deposits from engine components and to prevent blockages in important oil ways. The oil helps to lock up the dirt and render it harmless until it is removed at the next oil change.

    By reducing friction and minimising wear – Surbuys oils form a protective film over your engine components and have special additives that act between the moving surfaces to prevent contact and reduce drag. This helps your engine to operate as quietly and effectively as the designers intended.

    By removing heat – Surbuys oils carry heat away from hot areas, such as around the piston rings where the temperature can reach up to 350°C, and redistribute it around the engine.

    By preventing corrosion and rust – Surbuys oils help to protect your hard-working engine components from corrosion beyond the normal oil-change interval. Benchmarking studies show that Surbuys oils provide best-in-class protection and help to extend your engine’s life and avoid some expensive repairs.

  • What is engine oil made from?

    Engine oils are made up from three important ingredients – base oils, viscosity modifiers and performance additives. These are carefully selected and skilfully blended to enable the oil to provide maximum engine protection.

  • Is it important to change oil and how often should I do this?

    You should change your oil and filter at or before the end of oil-change intervals indicated by your vehicle manufacturer. These are based on distance travelled or time. Regular oil changing helps to keep your engine oil in good condition and provide the best protection for all of your engine components.